Every year, 48 million Americans feel the effects of hearing loss, yet they will wait an average of 7 years to seek help—if at all. But audiologists are there to help. They specialize in the care and treatment of ear-related disorders, including hearing loss. Your local audiologist can guide you through a diagnosis and help you navigate the challenges of hearing loss.

Are you new to the world of audiology? Don’t wait 7 years to get diagnosed with hearing loss when you can take steps to prevent it. Here’s how the MedRx Hearing Center can help you achieve better hearing with 5 things you might not have known about audiology.

1.  Audiologists Are Highly-Trained

An audiologist is a trained healthcare professional who evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and manages hearing loss and balance disorders. Audiologists typically have an AuD (Doctorate of Audiology) and spend years studying and training to become experts on hearing loss and related specialties.

At the MedRx Hearing Center, Dr. Amanda Kluzynski specializes in:

  • hearing evaluations
  • hearing aid fittings
  • bone-anchored hearing devices
  • cerumen removal
  • tinnitus evaluations and management

2.  Audiology Practices Are In Demand

According to the US Census Bureau, the population of people over the age of 65 in the US increased from 4.9 million in 1920 to 55.8 million in 2020.

As our population of individuals over 65 increases, so does the demand for hearing health care. While age is not a direct factor for hearing loss, for many people, hearing loss develops over time from lifelong exposure to sounds that can damage the sensitive hairs of our inner ears.

As hearing loss increases across the country, it’s essential to find a trusted hearing clinic that can provide hearing health counseling throughout your life. Everyone, regardless of age, should visit an audiologist to:

  • determine your risk for hearing loss
  • prevent hearing loss
  • treat hearing loss
  • manage hearing loss over time

3.  Audiology Offices Treat Adults of All Ages

It’s not just older individuals seeking hearing health care; more young people than ever are noticing the effects of hearing loss. Exposure to dangerous sound levels from earbuds, headphones, car radios, and concerts is also causing an unprecedented number of people to seek hearing help.

Despite common belief, hearing loss can occur at any age as a result of:

  • exposure to dangerous noise levels
  • injury from trauma such as extreme pressure changes, foreign objects, or impact
  • ototoxic medications
  • diseases such as meningitis or Meniere’s disease
  • genetics

Yet, while younger people are experiencing hearing loss, they are still less likely to use hearing aids than their aging counterparts. In fact, only 16% of adults aged 20-69 who could benefit from hearing aids have ever used them.

Whatever your age, hearing loss has real side effects that can worsen over time if not treated. Visit your local audiologist for ways to prevent further hearing loss and preserve your hearing.

4.  Audiology Clinics Offer More Than Hearing Aids

Most audiology offices offer many additional services besides hearing consultations and treatments. Did you know the MedRx Hearing Center can also help you with:

  • tinnitus evaluations
  • custom molded earplugs
  • compacted ear wax removal

No matter what stage of your hearing health journey you find yourself in, the MedRx Hearing Center is here to guide you through it. As your trusted hearing health advisor, Dr. Amanda Kluzynski can help you with all the above and more.

5.  Audiologists Listen

Pun intended! Audiologists have a duty to uphold rigorous treatment standards, but the best audiologists also excel at listening to their patients. They have resources that make it easy for you to ask questions and really understand information about your hearing health—without any confusing technical jargon.

Dr. Kluzynski at the MedRx Hearing Center takes pride in talking through all your options carefully and clearly so you’re equipped to make informed decisions.

Meet Your Audiologist at the MedRx Hearing Center

Dr. Amanda Kluzynski at the MedRx Hearing Center is an American Board of Audiology certified audiologist located locally in Largo, FL. Let Dr. Kluzynski guide you through hearing loss at whatever stage of life you’re in.

Whether you want to prevent hearing loss altogether or get treatment for long overdue hearing loss symptoms, the MedRx Hearing Center invites you to make an appointment today.

The MedRx Hearing Center is here to help you take the next steps toward better hearing. Give us a call at (727)584-9696 to schedule a free hearing consultation and see why Better Hearing Starts Here.