Were you prescribed hearing aids but can’t seem to get used to them? Did you take them off one day in frustration and have yet to return to them? If so, you wouldn’t be the only one.

Going from a world where everything is harder to hear to one where you can hear everything can be overwhelming. However, there are several factors that, when addressed by a hearing care professional, can turn around your hearing aid experience.

Here are a few ways Dr. Amanda Kluzynski at the MedRx Hearing Center is helping her patients get the most out of their hearing aids every day.

We Fit Your Hearing Aids to Your Ear

Everyone’s ears are different. Person to person, no one has quite the same ear canal. This means even if you have the same amount of hearing loss as someone else, your hearing aids may still have to be programmed differently.

So while all audiologists can test for the severity of your hearing loss, not all of them fit them to your exact ear. These tests are called Real Ear Measurements because, you guessed it, it uses your real ear to determine exactly how loud or soft the sound coming into your hearing aid should be.

Many over-the-counter or ill-fit hearing aids can be less customized for your ear, which may make them more uncomfortable to wear. We ensure that your hearing aids allow enough sound for you to hear but not so much that it is painful to listen to some noises. Think of it like the Goldilocks of hearing aid tests.

We Prepare You

Getting hearing aids is a big change. While they can greatly improve your quality (And in some instances, longevity) of life, they are by no means a quick-fix solution.

Hearing aids are medical devices that amplify sound in the world around you. But sound isn’t only processed by your ears, it’s also processed by your brain. That means for you to get accustomed to hearing aids, your brain also needs time to get used to its new processing methods.

New noises you haven’t heard in years may finally become audible. While this is exciting and life-changing in terms of your relationships and conversations, you probably weren’t expecting the sound of your own refrigerator to be so loud. Your brain will have to relearn how to process sound and prioritize which are important and which are just background noises.

During the adjustment period, your own voice might have even sounded off. This is normal but can be unnerving for some people that weren’t prepared for it. We can help you anticipate the changes you’ll face and provide solutions that allow you to adjust to your new hearing instruments at your own pace.

We Teach You How to Use Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids may be small, but there’s a lot of technology in those little devices. Modern hearing aids connect to Bluetooth, can be programmed for different day-to-day situations, and can even be charged on your nightstand without batteries.

That said, the technology can be overwhelming to get used to if you aren’t properly informed about how to use it. At the MedRx Hearing Center, we’ll ensure you leave your fitting appointment confident in how to use your new (or current) hearing aids. You’ll be prepared for how to keep them clean, when to bring them in for a professional check, and how to know when they’re working as they’re supposed to.

MedRx Hearing Center Can Help

Don’t write off your hearing aids just yet. Dr. Amanda Kluzynski at the MedRx Hearing Center knows that getting accustomed to your hearing aids isn’t always an easy process. But with a proper fitting, counseling, and preparation, you’ll be on your way to better hearing before you know it.

If you have hearing loss but aren’t using your hearing aids, let us help you give them another shot.

Dr. Amanda Kluzynski is a board-certified Doctor of Audiology. Call (727) 584-9696 to book your appointment today!