Almost 50% of couples attribute good communication to the success of their relationship. Good communication between spouses and friends relies on communication strategies used to portray information and hearing healthcare to listen. Listening in many ways is more effective than speaking.

Listening and understanding conversations begins with the ear’s ability to hear sounds. Hearing loss can present itself in a gradual manner and others may notice hearing loss occurring before the individual with the hearing loss does. If a spouse or friend begins mentioning to you that you are not hearing conversations accurately anymore, it may be time to have your hearing abilities evaluated by a professional. Some of the first signs of hearing loss are answering questions incorrectly because the original question was not heard correctly and frequently needing to ask for repetitions of what was said.

When situations become too difficult for someone to hear and understand conversations, the individual with hearing loss tends to withdraw leading to less social interactions with friends and family. Hearing and understanding conversations can make a world of a difference when engaging in social activities with loved ones. Therefore, it is very important to have hearing abilities evaluated annually and corrected with individualized hearing devices if necessary. The ability to easily hear and understand conversations contributes to successful interactions with family and friends with little stress and effort.

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