Hearing aids require simple, but very important, maintenance. Remaining diligent with keeping the hearing aids clean can increase the lifespan of hearing aids. There are several different types of hearing aids and each type will have different replaceable parts. On traditional Behind The Ear hearing aids, there will be tubing in the earmolds that can be replaced and filters that protect the microphones on the hearing aids that can be cleaned. Those pieces should be replaced and cleaned every 4 to 6 months.

On custom In The Ear hearing aids, there will most commonly be a wax guard on one end that should be replaced about once per month. There will also be an air vent that runs the entire length of the hearing aid. It is important to keep that vent clear of debris. A good way to do that is to brush it out or run a small piece of line though it similar to fishing line. The vent helps control the sound quality that person will hear from the hearing aid. When it is blocked, that individual’s sound quality will be compromised and they may not hear as well.

A third style of hearing aid is called a Receiver In the Canal. While it is similar to a standard BTE, its components are rearranged and the hearing aid receiver is seated in the ear canal. RIC hearing aids most commonly have a wax guard at the end of the receiver as well as a silicon dome that covers the receiver. Both the wax guard and dome should be replaced once per month in order to keep the hearing aid functioning properly. When keeping up with hearing aid maintenance on a regular basis, the lifespan of the device will be longer and the sound quality of the hearing aid will be consistent.

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