There is a common misconception amongst individuals with hearing loss that if you are not very active, you do not need all of the great technology available in a premium hearing aid. Hearing aids are tools to help the ears hear sound and the brain process the information. Hearing aids are available in several different levels of technology. Each level up will have more technology available to the user to help with speech and noise processing. The goal is for the hearing aid to do most of the work before the user’s brain tries to process the information.

Individuals, especially those with hearing loss, tend to not realize how much information the brain is processing even in what they consider to be a quiet environment. It is rare that someone is truly sitting in silence and not involved in any type of task. Even in a quiet environment it is likely that an individual will be listening to environment sounds around their home, the TV or their telephone. The brain is constantly processing the sounds it is picking up in the environment, therefore it is important for the hearing aid to be able to properly process all of those sounds. Premium hearing aid technology will give the user the best opportunity to hear speech sounds clearly and easily in a variety of dynamic environments. If the hearing aid cannot keep up with level of processing needed, then the user will become frustrated because they cannot understand information clearly or because there is too much background noise. Also, more technology is needed to help clean up the sound signals beforehand as individuals age and the complex processing ability needed to separate speech from noise declines. There will be situations in which the hearing aid is using all of its technology every day. Hearing aid technology is never wasted. However, it is often realized afterwards that users underestimated the level of technology they really needed at the time of purchase. It is best to consider more than what you think you need when it comes to hearing aid technology because our lives are dynamic and it is important to have a hearing aid that can keep up with us.

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