Hearing aids are not just hearing aids anymore. They are more than those things that used to squeal in your grandparent’s ears. Hearing aids get smaller, yet smarter and more powerful every year. The advancements in hearing aids over the years have gone from analog to digital, large boxes with wires to almost invisible in-the-ear devices, and no connectivity to multiple types of connectivity.

Many hearing aids now have the ability to connect to wireless devices allowing for more clarity and the option of hands free communication. The types of connection signals that most hearing aids currently use are Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz. These signals enable the hearing aids to receive and send information to cell phones, TV boxes and media clips. Cell phones can be paired with many hearing aids to enable streaming of phone calls and media straight to the hearing aids as well as the use of apps to help make adjustments on the hearing aids. No more fiddling with small buttons on the back of hearing aids to make adjustments!

Just like the ability to stream from a cell phone, the hearing aids can be paired to a TV box that will send the TV signal right into the hearing aids as if you were wearing a headset. The signal quality and clarity remains constant while the hearing aids are in range of the TV box. Gone are the days of needing to blast the TV volume to be able to understand the dialogue on your favorite TV show.

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