Understanding speech in a noisy environment is always a challenge.  The ability to successfully understand speech in noise is dependent on cognitive abilities and how well the brain processes sound. Advanced hearing aid technology can help with those two processes, but there is also a fun and enjoyable training technique that can provide additional support.

Musical training is a fantastic way to strengthen one’s cognitive abilities and brain processing. Studies have shown that playing music helps lessen age-related decline in the auditory brain. As individuals age, the brain’s ability to process sounds decreases and music has been proven to strengthen the brain’s processing. Neural response studies have been able to show that younger individuals have faster neural responses to sounds than older individuals. However, when older individuals with musical training were evaluated, studies have shown that their ability to pick up speech and neural responses were as strong and sometimes more accurate than those of younger participants and others without any musical training at all. Musical training can be used in conjunction with amplification to strengthen the brain’s ability to detect details and process difficult listening environments.

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